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Southern Ontario Buying Clubs

Every week, we receive emails asking us to extend our delivery area.

In response to these requests, we are pleased to introduce our CAF Buying Clubs, and here's how they work:

  • Each month, we will visit each Buying Club area once. Ten days before our visit, we will send out an email to everyone in the area that has signed up to receive our buying club notifications.
  • For the 7 days that follow the notification, customers are welcome to enter orders.
  • When checking out, there will be a "Buying Club" option in the shipping menu, which will give you FREE SHIPPING!
  • On the delivery day (usually a Saturday), we will deliver all of the orders.
There is a catch - for each area, there will be a minimum total order amount (usually, our break-even point). Each day, we'll update everyone on our email list with the current total.
Sign up pages are on the menu to the left. If you're not sure which area you belong in, or believe your area isn't incuded and you would like it to be, you can reach us at mailbox@gluten-free-grocery.com .