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Are you in St Catherines or Barrie?

Posted on 12th Nov 2012 @ 8:23 PM

Every week, we receive many requests to make our products more widely available, to a bigger audience in a bigger area. We've put some thought into some of the suggestions we've received, and done some research into different methods of reaching the people that are asking for our products.

To that end, we've contacted 2 flea markets about the possibility of selling GF foods.

The first is in St Catherines, and the second is just south of Barrie. 

The idea is to bring foods for which we can provide an exceptional price, as well as some staples. We would also be taking requests for specific products.

We're working hard to make this happen for the coming weekend. Once we have anything confirmed, we'll update everyone here, as well as on our Facebook page.